about me

I am a trained mathematician, and worked many years at the university, doing teaching, and research. If you are interested in this, I invite you to visit this page to get an overview on the mathematical research I did.

I always loved all sorts of crafts, but around 2002 I got started to get more serious in painting, drawing, and computer graphic. In september 2003, I began stone carving, inspired and guided by an email friend from canada. I first carved soapstone, later hard stones like calcite, lapislazuli, jade, carneol, and agates. These carvings were mostly jewelery pieces.

In may 2006, I became interested in wood carving, first this was just a curiosity of how this material would work, and now it has became a deep passion ... as with drawing, my main focus is portraits, i just love to try to capture not only likeness but the something that makes the particular person special ...