doris fiebig - portraits in wood

hello and welcome to my homepage riolama, where i present to you a gallery of my woodcarvings and pencil drawings. i am best known for my portraits, but i do enjoy to explore other topics too. besides portraits of friends and self portraits, i have carved portraits of michelangelo buonarroti, marion graefin doenhoff, the delphic sybil, and recently albert einstein.

please enjoy your visit to riolama ! ...

... and, if you like to see how my carvings are made, or if you are looking for information or tutorials on woodcarving, please visit my blog which is a great collaboration with mark yundt.

what is new ?

25.decembre 2011
old mana huge update consisting of 23 new images in the zbrush gallery ! It includes a green dragon, a series of abstracts, a creature i modeled for an internet friend (since he just wanted to see how the creature could look he has invented for a story he wrote, it was so much fun doing this for him :-)), and some portraits as well ...

5.septembre 2011
laurel and hardya few additions to the zbrush gallery, laurel and hardy, three marble bust portraits, two studies in expression, and a passiflora blossom ...

4.septembre 2011
memorial for 911a memorial carving for septembre 11.

8.august 2011
marilyn monroe3 very different additions to the zbrush gallery : a sculpt based on marilyn monroe (not close enough to call it portrait), a portrait of caravaggio, as he was drawn by ottavio leoni, and as a fun sculpt a joker. check it out !

24.july 2011
rottweiler the first new addition is a portrait of a rottweiler. The next are speedsculpts. i started these session, in which i try to model (and paint if possible) from a reference image in 2 hours. It is like a "drawing sketchbook", but done in digital sculpting instead of pencil ... i believe that this lets me focus on the essential things and make my modeling more effectiv, as well as trains my eye... the first ones i did are : judith, and also the maidservant, from caravaggio's painting "judith and holofernes", then a portrait from caravaggios painting "calling of saint matthew" and finally a "damned soul" from a drawing of michelangelo. all done in zbrush, click here to see them.

11.july 2011
constanza bonarelliagain, lots of new pics in the digital portrait galery,,, some studys after clay sculpts of philippe fauraut, a little girl, a devil (inspired by a sculpt of philippe fauraut), and a fun creature with a great expression. check it out !

25.june 2011
constanza bonarellimy nightly sculpting makes good progress, there are lots of new pics in the digital portrait gallery, an elf, a witch, an alien, and a recreation of a classical marble bust by bernini, constanza bonarelli.

14.june 2011
schillernew addition in the digital portraits gallery

11.june 2011
schilleri added a new gallery to my homepage. it contains digital portraits i make during the night hours... you can see how these are made on my blog fun with zbrush

21.mai 2011
i recently began a new blog, as a diary for my zbrush sculpting works. these digital sculptures are intended as a quick medium for learning, as a model for carving, and, last but not least, are often made just for fun ! check it out here

7.april 2011
a classical acanthus leaf carved as pierced relief

14.march 2011
my first portrait carving carved as a bust completely in the round (opposed to the high- and basrelief portraits i did so far ...)

30.november 2010
i carved a rose as a gift for my mother in law for her 80th birthday...

17.oktober 2010
my biggest project so far is finished, biggest in time needed to carve it, as well as biggest in size. a panel with a design leaned on the beautiful drawings of alphonse mucha, made into a panel for a book shelf...

9.september 2010
plaster cast from clay portrait i hardly believed i will ever finish him, but now i got the time to do so, and here he is

13.june 2010
clay model in progress for today, a work in progress,,, "gentle whisper" , i plan to make a plaster cast from it

5.june 2010
i re-organised my blog, since i wanted the information provided more structured... and while i was at it, i gave the blog a new design too. take a look if you like it, and feel free to leave a comment : blog in new "dress"

22.mai 2010
faux bronze bust portrait of mjt my first plaster cast with a faux bronze patina is finished

13.mai 2010
fantasy dragon its a holiday today, and i had quite a time not drawn at all, but this morning, while having my coffee, i doodled this fantasy dragon ... fun !!

10.mai 2010
autumn begins, plaster cast At least - i rescued her face...

9.mai 2010
i have begun a step-by-step tutorial on how i cast the model i presented yesterday in plaster. if you are interested, you can follow it here on my blog ... Casting a Clay Model

8.mai 2010
clay portrait of mjt i worked more on the portraits i had done, inspired by some good constructive critique. and here is the result

5.april 2010
autumn begins, a clay portrait

clay portrait of mjt
a long time since i updated my homepage, but i was busy, with work, with carving, and with learning to model in clay... i updated the homepage, made a few design changes, added a new category for my clay portraits to come, and put in there my first to works i like to share, i hope you enjoy

3.october 2009
greenman inspired by some beautiful greenmen, and that i had carved already a greenwoman myself, i wanted try a greenman too ...

14. september 2009
vegetable a small inbetween project is just finished

7. september 2009
the bust of joel is finished !

26. august 2009
i started joel, a portrait bust carved in the round, and as i carve the pictorial story is evolving here on my blog.

20. august 2009
orangutan the orangutan mother with her baby is finished !

15. august 2009
changed the design of the homepage a little.

6. august 2009
a new carving is in the works, an orangutan mother with her baby, and as i carve the pictorial story is evolving on here on my blog.

2. august 2009
arabian mare the arabian mare is finished !