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portrait of michelangelo buonarroti

reading a new biography on michelangelo made me want try carving a portrait of him. since he lived about 500 years ago,no fotos of him exist. so, i based my portrait onto the few paintings artists have made while michelangelo lived (showing michelangelo in different ages as well), and a drawing, and a bronze sculpture of him .... furthermore i used the few selfportraits in the artwork he produced himself.

my first step was studying this meager reference material, and ask myself if i think these representations show the same man... yes, i think they do, though they do differ in some aspects dramatically. so, my plan was, to try carve from this reference material a portrait, showing him how i see the man michelangelo was from the many biographies i have read of him, and from what i think i can read in his sculptures and fresko of the sixtine chapell... so what i ended up with, might very well not be any similar to the true michelangelo, but it will show how i imagine he was ... continue to read the story of how michelangelo was carved on my blog

linden, almost lifesize, finish is a thin coat of clear matte varnish, followed from a light colored beewax glaze